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We are keeping this fundraiser
open for more donations.
I am so excited that we were
able to supply the KONG toys
to the dogs and puppies of
the rescues & shelters.

KONG Company was also
excited about our achievement
and featured our program
in their Holiday Issue Newsletter.

Kong Fundraiser

Kong Fundraiser

100% of the proceeds will go
to the dogs & puppies at the
following shelters:

Second Chance SPCA

DFW Humane Society

To get Kongs for your shelter,
please contact us today!

Kong Fundraiser

KongsTM for a KawsKong Fundraiser

All over Dallas, shelters and rescue organizations are trying to find a place for thousands of homeless
dogs & puppies.

Being in a shelter is boring, stressful and frustrating for the dogs and can cause all kinds of stress/anxiety
related behaviors or illnesses.

We support many shelters & rescues in the DFW Metroplex with training and behavioral modification programs so we see these anxiety behaviors all the time.

Dogs like to chew to relieve stress and to relax themselves. The KongTM gives them a positive outlet for this as well as provides some troubleshooting and thinking games for them. How do I get that treat out of there?

We decided this would be a great program to help reduce the anxiety/ stress, mentally stimulate and energize the dogs in hopes to keep them happier and healthier until they find their new forever home.

One Kong toy can provide hours of chewing fun.
A frozen Kong
TM can help a dog cool off on a hot day!
Eating out of a Kong
TM can be a fun alternative to a boring bowl!

Kong Fundraiser

Your donation of $10 will help buy a dog/puppy a KongTM and possibly
change their life! You can make a difference, Please help!

Thank you for your Donation!

Kong Fundraiser
Kong Fundraiser
Kong Fundraiser

Kong FundraiserWhen I arrived at Second Chance SPCA all of the volunteers where taking the dogs out for their evening walk and playtime in the yard area.

Some of the dogs were not back in for the photos but it was amazing to hear the barking and whining shelter room turn into complete silence once the KONGs were passed out.

Most all of the dogs & puppies dived right into the KONGS. Some even acted like they seen it before and wagged their tails as I walked toward their crate/run. Some of these poor dogs have been to 3 or more homes.

Thank you to everyone who donated the KONGS for this first delivery. Because of you we raised enough to give them 20 KONGS, Peanut Butter and Treats. CLICK HERE TO READ THANK YOU FROM SCSPCA

Thank you from DFW Humane Society:
"Hi Anne, Just wanted to let you know how much our dogs are enjoying the Kong toys you sent. They love them and as you know they can get pretty bored here so it is great to have toys to help them pass the time until they find their perfect new family. Thanks so much for thinking about us and thank you for your donation!!!"
Sarah, DFW Humane Society - Irving, TX

Kong Fundraiser Kong Fundraiser Kong Fundraiser
Kong Fundraiser Kong Fundraiser Kong Fundraiser