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Struggling with Potty Training?
Seperation Anxiety? Destructive Chewing Problems?

Consult a Professional and get help now!

Only $50 for a 1-hour Professional Phone Consultation
Professional Dog Phone Consultation

Includes email follow up, handouts and program materials.




"Anne, your training and advice affect us every day of our lives in helping to make our home congenial and harmonious."
Nancey, Roger, Kiiye & Koda the German Shep


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We've been in business for 20 years - we've seen in all! In many cases (except aggression or fear) we can help you with a phone consult.

Are you Struggling with Potty Training? Destructive Chewing Problems? Puppy Biting or Nipping? We can help you now!

Many times when at a client's home - a lot of training is done more for the human. "People Training" We teach you how to set up a routine, create boundaries, start new positive behaviors. In many cases we don't need to touch the dog to help you.

Don't Struggle! Schedule a 1-hour Professional Remote SessionProfessional Dog Phone Consultation
and Get Help Now!
Only $50 for a 1-hour Professional Phone Consultation
(includes follow up phone, email, handouts and continutal support!)

"Thank you so much Anne for your help today. The phone consult was very informative and we were able to ask all our questions. You are so knowledgable and fun to talk to and really helped us get our puppy on track with all the puppy stuff." Terry Wright & family


In-Home Training:
Programs are offered for the following:

Perfect for Just Starting out with Puppy!
Basic ObdienceLearn Basic Manners and Skills at ANY age!
How to Build Confidence with Fears, Anxieties and Rescue Dogs!
problemSolve Problem Behaviors!

Dog Behavior ProblemsWhy Choose In-Home Training?

  • Why choose us over Pet Store training? We are certified, educated professionals with 15+ years of study in animal behavior & science plus thousands of happy customers. Your dog's training doesn't end with just one session or class - we are here to help for the life of your dog. Plus, as with any small business - you are important to us and we will go above and beyond to prove that!

  • Private sessions are done in your home where most of the behaviors and problems occur. Sessions will be a combination of human training and some is hands-on skills training for the dog.

  • Some dogs will often be overly stressed in a group class setting or not do the unwanted behavior when in public. Therefore in-home sessions can be the most beneficial way to really help the dog fully achieve his/her true potential.

  • The whole family should be involved and we will customize the program to fit your specific family's needs! We are relaxed and fun, so no need to clean the house.

  • In-home training is ideal for addressing specific problem behaviors such as jumping up on guests, stay at the door, crate or potty training, leash walking or just starting out with a new puppy!

  • Any anxieties, seperation anxiety or fear related behaviors must begin at the home where the dog is most relaxed.

  • Do you have lots of questions? Are you completely confused with all the millions of different tips from friends and on the internet? Find out the truth from a professional, educated, certified dog trainer & behavior consultant.

  • With in-home sessions you can ask all the questions you need. Each private session is at least 75 minutes long.

  • In-home training sessions are great for multiple dog homes. Prices are done on a 'per-session' basis, not per dog.

  • Busy schedule? In home training is convenient and done around your schedule. See in home appointment hours.

"You've changed my life with our dog...we're still working on the front door thing, but the leave it and stay and potty training is going wonderfully.  I think we may actually get to keep our dog. " Lisa & Beau


Check out our In-Home Program Fees
and Combo Training Packages!


Group Class Schedule

  • Each group class is held at an indoor 'partner' facility or at a local community park. See complete schedule for periodic class locations, dates, times and prices.

  • Most of our classes are semi-private and typically only have 6 dog students, this is why our classes fill up very quickly.

  • Classes are 4 weeks - Workshops are 3 weeks. Each one meets for an 1-hour long each week

  • Group Classes are an excellent way to complete an in-home program and provide socialization during that important developmental stages of your puppy.

  • Classes are held in Highland Village & Bedford, Texas. Please see schedule for complete details.

  • Not all dogs do well in a group setting and is not appropriate for behavior problems such as fear barking, dog or people fears, anxiety, reactivity or aggression. You should start with in-home training and build your dog's confidence and skills before joining a group class, if is even appropriate.

  • Our behavior focused workshops are great for fine tuning those troublesome behaviors or a great way to round out any in-home or group class program. Those are offered periodically throughout the year. Watch the schedule.

  • Why choose us over pet store training? We have many years of study & experience in animal behavior & science. We study under the leading PhD and Certified Animal Behavior Professionals in the industry. Plus, your training doesn't end with just one session or class - we are here to help for the life of your dog. As with most small businesses - you are important to us and we will go above and beyond to prove that!

"Thanks for all your hard work and the time you take to make each class the best. Uli and I really enjoyed your class and you will definitely see more of us!" Carrie & Uli the Jack Russell Terrier

Early development training - a MUST for any young puppy!

Puppy Socialization Workshop & Puppy Skills workshops are great for getting started on training. These workshops are designed to attend as needed and as shot schedules allow for new puppies.

Basics Manners & Skills is a great follow up to Puppy Kindergarten and good for dogs or puppies just starting out. It is also a great class for improving your dog's performance around distractions. You do not have to complete Puppy Kindergarten to join.
(no aggressive dogs allowed)

This 1-night single class is the next step to take your dog’s basic skills to the next level.  It is offered monthly so you can come back as your dog’s skills need the refinement. We are not teaching skills instead we are working on them around distractions. 

This is an intermediate level class so your dog should know the basics (Sit, Stay, Come and Leash).  We will focus on refining the basic commands such as: Stay at a distance/distractions, Heel, Coming when called around distractions, leave-it on walks and proper greetings.  (no aggressive dogs allowed)

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Check out the In-Home Fees and Training Packages!